ULP (Unleaded Petroleum) & PULP (Premium Unleaded Petroleum)

Our ULP and PULP products are sourced locally or within the Asia-Pacific region. Our products meet and exceed their respective current standards.

Gekko continually liases with local and regional refiners to secure the highest quality products at all times.

Evolve – Our Ethanol Blended ULP

Evolve is a fuel made from blending Unleaded Petroleum with ethanol. It burns cleaner than regular gasoline, which means less environmental pollution.

As Ethanol is a natural octane enhancer when blended at 10% with Unleaded Petroleum you will typically see an increase in octane levels, which means better performance from your engine. Ethanol blended fuels also have the added benefit of cleaning your cars fuel lines.

Evolve can currently be supplied at a very competitive wholesale prices compared with typical Unleaded Petroleum.