onSite is the flexi-volume delivery system offered by fuel products wholesaler Gekko Petroleum.

Through our onSite format Gekko Petroleum is capable of delivering quality fuel products such as Diesel, Biodiesel B100, Helios - Gekko Petroleum's branded and fully tested premium diesel blend and Unleaded Petroleum.

Gekko Petroleum's onSite delivery platform is suited for customers who particpate in the construction, earth moving, mining, marine and transportation industries. The onSite delivery system is suited for direct fill into machinery or delivery into customer tanks.

The benefits of Gekko Petroleum's onSite delivery format include:

  • Improved Productivity - The onSite delivery format allows our customers to focus on their business.
  • Control - Customers who use our onSite fuel delivery system have greater control and minimise risks like theft and vandalism, accounting errors and administration time. Our onSite fuel delivery system minimises risk and the expense of error whilst providing a cost effective solution.
  • Reliability & Service - Gekko Petroleum has built its business on servicing our customers' needs. We have a dependable operating network across Australia made up of certified professionals who operate in a safe and responsible way making Gekko Petroleum the choice for onSite fuel delivery.
  • Savings - Our onSite delivery format allows our customers to achieve savings by having access to a cheaper and greener fuel supply.